Chef Nadav Bashan discovered in college that his destiny was to take his love for cooking and food to a higher level. After graduating from California School of Culinary Arts in Pasadena, he landed an internship with Allison Thurber (The Water Grill) at her new restaurant, The Lobster. He was pushed to the limit working under a celebrity chef who demanded nothing less than refined perfection. After spending almost 2 years at The Lobster, moving quickly through the ranks of the kitchen, Chef Bashan took an opening at Michael’s in Santa Monica as the Sous Chef. Working under the renowned Michael McCarty, Chef Bashan was promoted to Executive Chef at Michael's, where he stayed for 3 years.

“Michael’s presented me the opportunity to push the limits of classical California cuisine, allowing me to create plates that are on the cutting edge of New American cooking.”

Then Chef Bashan went on to work for Michael Cimarusti at his new restaurant, Providence, in Hollywood.

“I found myself—humbly—in the company of renowned Chefs that have created much of what we eat today.”

Chef Bashan felt he was ready to open his own restaurant, and is now at the helm of Bashan Restaurant in North Glendale/Montrose.

“My goal with Bashan restaurant is to form a menu that allows for the enjoyment of various palettes, a celebration of the freshest ingredients and finest wines, creating an experience unparalleled in craft, presentation and taste. I enjoy making sure that every plate I send out meets the criteria that has been defined classically and refined by modernity.”